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Mobile Testing

The market for mobile applications is growing at an ever-faster pace – over 200 billion app downloads are predicted for 2015.  If your business doesn’t already have a mobile app, now is the time to seriously think about developing one.  As users demand ever more mobile apps for their tablets, phones and wearables, the requirement for testers with the specialist skills needed to manage and perform mobile testing will continue to grow.  Even though fundamental testing skills, such functional and risk-based testing, are transferable to mobile testing, there are many areas, such as in the user interface, performance, and in the specific mobile sensors where specialist mobile testing skills are increasingly needed.

This hands-on class covers development and testing across the whole mobile lifecycle.  Attendees will gain practical experience in both the development (yes, you will build a mobile app) and subsequent testing of mobile applications, covering diverse areas such as usability testing, performance, installation, compatibility and localization testing.

Attendees will be provided with pragmatic advice on the selection and set-up of mobile test environments that give appropriate coverage of the vast number of possible device and software configurations.  The class includes coverage of a wide variety of automation options, the use of mobile testing tools to support mobile testing for both functional and non-functional attributes, and guidance on how to establish a mobile test lab for their organization.

* Attendees will develop and test mobile apps on laptops and subsequently practice hands-on testing of these apps on Android mobile devices, so please bring an Android mobile device if you have one.

Training expectation

  • Recognize the differences between the testing of desktop applications and mobile apps;
  • Gain hands-on experience in developing and testing an Android mobile app;
  • Practice the specific skills needed for performing usability and performance testing on mobile apps;
  • Understand the challenges and constraints in the selection of test environments for mobile testing;
  • Appreciate the difficulties that are part of the set-up and maintenance of a mobile test lab.


This class is aimed at test professionals who want to ensure they are fully aware of best industry practices in the area of mobile testing.  This includes people in roles such as test managers, test leads, test analysts, test engineers and test consultants.  Basic knowledge of the fundamentals of software testing is expected.

Course length/numbers

No limit on numbers, but with smaller groups the workshop will be more interactive and allow delegates’ specific questions to be addressed.

This can be delivered as either a half-day, full day or two-day workshop.