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Software Reviews

Reviews have long been acknowledged as potentially the most effective approach to ensuring software quality.  But are you aware of the options available to make your reviews more efficient and cost effective?  This training class will provide an overview of the topic based around the generic review process that is the basis of the new ISO/IEC/IEEE 20246 reviews standard.

The class identifies and focuses on those areas of the review process that have the most effect on the success of the review and provides hands-on experience of applying different techniques across the whole process.  This is a highly-practical class and attendees will learn the benefits of different review approaches through practicing, analyzing and comparing a variety of review techniques (both individual and team-based).  Individual reviewing is the review activity where most of the issues are identified and practice in the four main approaches (ad hoc, checklist-based, scenario-based and perspective-based reading) will be provided.

Attendees will also gain insight into the range of review attributes that can be selected and controlled to ensure that the chosen review process is the most appropriate for the given situation.

Training expectation

  • Recognize the differences between informal and formal reviews and in what circumstances each type should be chosen;
  • Understand the ISO 20246 generic review process and the wide range of attributes that define the different review types;
  • Know which parts of the review process are optional and which are mandatory – and where improvements are most likely to have an effect;
  • Gain hands-on experience in applying the four main individual reviewing techniques for identifying issues;
  • Appreciate the need for reviews across the whole life cycle and the requirement for an overall development and test process that includes both formal and informal reviews.


This class is aimed at both test and development professionals who want to ensure they are fully aware of best industry practices in the area of reviews.  This includes people in roles such as test managers, test leads, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, business analysts and developers.  No prior knowledge is assumed and attendees do NOT need a PC for this course.

Course length/numbers

No limit on numbers, but with smaller groups the tutorial will be more interactive and allow delegates’ specific questions to be addressed.

This can be delivered as either a two-hour, half-day, full day or two-day workshop.